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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Orientation day out - Jitra Mall

Actual date : 5th June 2011
Venue : Jitra Mall, Kedah
Purpose : Shopping and relax 
Camera : Digital Samsung

Yay! Finally we can escape from the 4 days of the tiring, challenging and terrifying orientation week ~ Various of yawning speeches , lack of sleeping time, ice breaking activities, exhausting assemble and so on..Anyway, all of us survived from it and no one is fainted XD ~ After having performances during the cultural night on the last day of orientation week, the invisible obstacles between us have broken down, we recognizing each other, caring and supporting ( WON 2nd Place !!! ) ~ This is called the power of cooperation in our class ~ From the beginning of act as a stranger among the people, until we start our own 1st conversation, self introduction, keep chatting and gossiping , everyone has discovered their common interest and at last we have become friends ! The mystical keys to open one's heart are CONFIDENT and SOCIALIZE ~ A very valuable experience for us, gotta give it a try before u reject it and say u can't do it ! If you don't take the 1st step to greet with strangers, how do u make friends??

Story  line ______________________________

Next morning, rent a van and ready for releasing stress !

It takes 10 -15 minutes from IPDA to JM. If you decide to go there on foot...hmmm....at least one hour if your speed is 80km/hr... At around 9.30 a.m reach there, actually it is a big town, a lot of shopping spots, but we just choose the nearest and the well common known one ~ Still early, the shops inside the JM not open yet, breakfast breakfast ~ Do not keen on the restaurants, allowance haven't bank in... Luckily we have found a food stall nearby -.-

Lets introduce each prince and princess XD ( below the photos )

Order mamak FooD ~ Nasi goreng pataya, Mee goreng, Kuey teow goreng, nasi goreng kampung bla bla bla...Not expensive, quite cheap and get your money change. =D

After breakfast, take some walk inside the shopping mall ~ need to digest our food meh

Huhu, gift shops, mobile shops, waffle stall, bakery stall, creative beverage stall, Aneka supermarket, computer and accessory shops and other shops selling different types of item that maybe useful to us =P . Since it is morning, not so crowded ~ Barely see a few couples are dating there .

We have seen a blood donation campaign on the most upper floor of the mall. Want to donate but i scare the little tiny sharp and icy cold needle pierce into my blood vessel and suck out my blood -.- Which thing has given the biggest support : Free Souvenirs ( bag, mug, food and drink ) and Certificate ... FREE !  Scare what??? just donate it. Besides , it will build up the new red blood cells and make your body healthier ~ Some of us can't donate because they haven't reach 18 yet . So, wait for next time ~

After the blood donation, some of my friends need to go to Aneka Department Store to purchase their stuff and they will back to IPDA by their own. So the rest are going to watch GREEN LATERN 3D at JM Cinema ^^ 

Ehem, wait a moment, 3D?? What is the different between 3D and normal price ticket? Provided a special black lens spectacles, find a seat and wait the movie start. Okay, really expect for a better view in 3D. Put on the glasses.....The graphic and subtitles look clearer, That's all @.@ Put up and down the glasses , again and again....can't search any different . LOL ! Anyway, for the movie reviews --> About a hero is going to save the earth with his magical green ring ~ the story line very nice and interesting , a good ending ~ 

Then, have lunch at a restaurant nearby...Nasi Ayam Madu : normal rank indeed . Feel contented by spending my day with friends , has bought my new celcom broadband and ready to surf internet , FB ! A good mood day ~


The end ~


cikpinky said...

budak IPDA ke? intake june2011 ke?

nur aisyah said...

nice story :)

Lawrence Chickenbiscuit said...

Cikpiky : Yup. jun intake. =D

Aisyah : thx ^^

cikpinky said...

oo...selamat menjadi warga IPG...:)

Lawrence Chickenbiscuit said...

ok. trm ksh =D

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