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Saturday, 3 December 2011

We Are McD Lovers - Star Parade

Actual date : Saturday, 23 July 2011
Venue : McD, Star Parade, Alor Setar, Kedah
Purpose : Breakfast and Shopping
Camera : Samsung Cam

Saturday ! It was another boring day ~ Boring and feared eating with cafeteria meals...Yikes! We were very very very Bored, suddenly exploring Alor Setar was popped into our mind. Everyone nodded and thumbs up ! Deal ~ Lets went for another short trip!

My Ipda buddies : yi yu, hazim, man joo and michelle. All of us couldn't stay at silent and creepy hostel for even one minute. Took out a phone, made a call, rent a taxi, prepared at 8a.m.....TuTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT..........Trip began ~ Taxi driver only charged us for rm25 and it consumed 30 minutes to reach our destination, STAR PARADE.

Our Taxi driver : Abang DEE !! SMART 

Once been there, still early and the shops hadn't open yet.. Our Stomachs were rumbling, hungry man ! Hehe, we saw McD inside Star Parade, Ordered 1st !  Family Breakfast Box - delicious, money saving MEALs. What we got inside the box ??? Umm... Honey pancakes, burgers, fried potato slice, fried eggs and hot coffee and tea ~ For dessert, we ordered McD apple pie, crunchy, juicy and tender apple bits ~ YUm yuM ! Sweet and soft pancakes drizzled with honey and topped with butter, PERFECT MATCH !!! Sweetness of the hotcakes stimulating our taste buds and going up to nerves ! Burgers - fresh tender meat, aromatic hot buns, ambrosial meat sauce and cheese slices.....Oh My God ! Speechless ! Tasty, scrumptious and what??? Sooo delicious ~ For the fried eggs and big potato slice, our little snack =D You had to taste it yourself, hard to describe the texture and feeling when grinding it inside your mouth,getting mouthful and it was a magic touch !  Finally, served with cups of hot coffee and tea, Nice one. Our stomach was full and filled up with adequate nutritive breakfast..

As the saying goes : Sharing is caring, caring is friendship . So, we will split and balance the breakfast expenses equally =P and the payment bill just below rm50~ Affordable

While having our breakfast, never miss to snap down our photos there XD Was toooooooo Photogenic ! 

Take a look **************************

MESSSSSSYYYYY ! World Hunger 4 ! This was how we ate our breakfast .. haha.. better ran away before the cleaner get mad ! Took the breakfast box away and put it into my laptop bag =P Souvenir~

It's Time to get for a windowshopping ~ See you guys and thanks for reading ! = )


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