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Friday, 2 December 2011

Journey to University Utara Malaysia - AIESEC CLUB

Actual date : 4 October 2011
Venue : UUM, Kedah
Purpose : Join AIESEC club
Camera : Sony Xperia Mini Pro
Image Provider : Google Images

Purposely went to UUM for joining AIESEC which introduced by my friend : Man Joo. It was the 1st AIESEC gathering on that Tuesday, Lucky god dropped by us =). Rent a van and went there at 5p.m. The whole long distant from our IPDA just spent 40 minutes ! We needed to pay approximately rm80 per trip.. Though expensive, but gave it a try 1st. alalalala~

Member who were going to join the trip - Man Joo, Michelle, Yee Mun, Athirah, Hazim and I. All were my BNK classmates. Huhu.


The gathering would start at sharp 8 p.m.. After having dinner at UUM cafe, we were waiting in a block ( i forgot it's location )~ Snapping here and there ! That's our job.


Later,  we heard loud music and some screaming and shouting from somewhere, i guessed there was a Disco Party , an AIESEC member came to us and welcomed us to the club. WHAT??!!! The gathering had started ! We felt very nervous and we thought we had joined the wrong club. Haha. Man Joo comforting us : " this is the welcoming stlye from AIESEC club .." Wohooooo, rock it men ! Really unexpected. We entered a class, black....can't see anything...lightly can see some shadow were moving around. WELCOME TO AIESEC CLUB, PLEASE ENJOYED YOURSELF , yes , the sound piercing the entire room. Haha. I liked it. Soon, the light up. i saw many foreign students here, shocked indeed, never try with those people surrounded me in the class. So excited !


1. Dancing together with AIESEC selected musics. Fun !!! Everyone was enjoying.

2. Eddy FM : Shared global issues that were happening around us. Example, Facebook how to earn profit from their internet users and China gold vending machine. Multimedia presentation with slideshows !

3. Split into few groups and shared our ideas about these issues. ( Help me !!! i have no any idea about sharing and i am not up to date for that -.- some more we need to speak in international language, i am shit with it XD just roughly  can speak out few simple sentences )

4. Dinosaur video clip ( wondering what was that )  WE missed it because we had to leave and go back to our IPG before 11p.m. Sad thing !

My View**********************************

Happy to visit UUM. A nice experience. UUM is so massive with a lot of buildings, you may need a car if you want to explore it. AIESEC club is a information sharing, interesting ice-breaking heaven and various unique activities organizing club. We can know the latest issues globally if we are lazy to watch TV or read newspaper. Furthermore, we can share our ideas and comment about any issues with the members . One thing to remember : you need to be brave, open minded and active ! In addition, since the members are using english for speaking, it is a good opportunity for us to improve our english speaking skill. ( very useful and important to communicate with each other ). Well, i really hope that i will join AIESEC club again for the next semester even though busy handling with assignments and homework.  ALL THE BEST !

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 Once again, thanks for reading the post =D will update more information about UUM and AIESEC Club if we visit there again ~


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