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Friday, 9 December 2011

JOM KE PENDANG 2011 - Part 3 ( End Part )

Actual Date : 19th - 23rd November 2011
Venue : Felda Lubuk Merbau Hall , Kedah
Purpose : Put an end to these post
Camera : Olympus , Sony Xperia Mini Pro

Missing Part of the Night Show **********************************

Previously part 2 just described about the overall of the story. Now will explore deeper for the last night at Felda. ~ Lets puzzle it bit by bit. 

Arrived at the hall approximately 8.15p.m, dressed up neatly with the most gorgeous and sparkling Borneo custom. Rainy days but the rain stopped in the evening, thanked God ! Waiting outside the hall with my comrades and comforting each other with some joke since they were nervous. Inside the hall was crowded with people, everyone was under exciting mode. Preparing their cameras, finding the best spot for recording the performances. Well, There was not enough seats for the audience who came late, just stand or sit outside ( the camp ) ! Later, the Concert had started. The crowds yelled, whispered and shouted to welcome the actors, singers and dancers on the stage. Kaleidoscope of colourful spot lights shining toward the stage, it was really captivating. The hall was bustling with the noise and excitement =)

Rested for a while, our turn to perform the BORNEO dance??!!! My god ~ Better got prepared ________
( you can click the followed link to see our performance, if can't please drop a comment in the chat box on the right handside ) Thanks to my foster family to record it.

Finally, it's finished . Thumbs up for everyone and we had done our best ! Our addiction to take photo shoot arose... Snapping time ! While we were taking our photos, the hall suddenly blackout.. 2nd time already to happen  during the show. But this time took longer period to light up the whole surrounding. Our cameras still got flashing light, not a big problem =)

Photo gallery *********************************************

Had a very nice memory with frenz and my new family =D Felt very proud of my Borneo Team, our efforts and sacrifices to practice during exam and the program never waste ! Lucky to have such a rare opportunity to join this meaningful program = ) Hope there is another chance for me to participate again.

The end ***************************************************


snf said...

Lubuk Merbau is dabest:-) best moment there.

Lawrence Chickenbiscuit said...

yup. never 4gt =)

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