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Friday, 21 December 2012


Date : 22/12/12
Purpose : sharing

I think i will delay again for the Langkawi Trip Post...
Why?? i lost my passion for a moment,
but i will visit my blog and check the reply,
nothing at all, if i intend to update, for sure i will do it.
NO WORRY for those trip's lovers :)

PPISMP journey is done~
results not really important to me,
pass and maintain satisfy gred enough.
one and a half years end,
come with a new journey,
tougher challenges are awaiting me.
not really exciting but i eager to go back there once again.
a lots of unexpected things happened around my daily life,
sometimes feel disappoint, despair, lost and other bitter tastes.
hope will embrace me again,
stand up and fight,
ignore people who laugh at you, 
point their fingers at you,
try the fresh experience that you never face,
retry when it fail,
 ( not every single time need to be stubborn and not give up, think wisely )
till people believe that's not a DREAM!
I can do it, why u say it is impossible!
when u trust it, miracle will reach you when the effort is ripen.


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Splendid JULY !!! Langkawi Tour - PART 2~~

Date : 26th-28th July 2012
Venue : Langkawi Island
Purpose : Vacation
Camera : Canon Ixus 115HS


Hya!! I am back to continue on my vacation's report ! It's was a long pause since August till now~
I am tangled with bunch of homework, assignments, Mid Autumn Festival performances, Ping Pong Club organizations .......... and Final Exam in Semester 3 ~

Yup, it's in the shinny morning at Langkawi Island~ The pic above were where we took our breakfast~ It served mostly western food~ Not really luxurious but with just simple buttery roasted toasts, sausages, fried eggs, hams, bread with fruity jams and cups of milo, coffee and tea  :)  Simply finger licking good ~ We get enough of stamina to explore LANGKAWI's 3 mini islands~

Here we went!!! frenzy photo shooting inside a spacious van <-----

Onto a small boat, but it was enough to fill with 16 people per time ( not included driver )

Don't forget to put the identical pass on visible part of your body ( for example cloth ), it was just a sticker and it's not waterproof, better take care of it~ it will drop off easily without your notice~ do not hit by water   splash.

FOREVER PREGNANT MOTHER HILL ~ ( it's wont give birth actually )

Can you spot those adorable monkey who are waiting the visitors?? they are not welcoming us but concentrate on our handbags or recycle bags for food~ they are HUNGRY~ CAUTION!!! They will attack you ~ WILD AMBUSH

One of the mini islands ~ Tasik Dayang Bunting~
Big swamp located under the downhill~ U can spend ur time swimming there or have a sunbathe~ 

We miss to explore 2nd mini Island -.- it's two XXX passengers' fault who late on boat!!! We wasted almost an hour waiting for them!!!

Yo! the 3rd island~ BERAS BASAH or WET RICE ISLAND?! Sound WEIRD and FUNNY

IT's a good spot for water sports~ Snorkeling, Banana boat ride, picnic, jog, swim, diving~ Just choose either one from it~ Don't forget to prepare sunblock oil, sunlight nowadays contain high concentration of UV light~ May cause sunburn on your white skin~ We able to capture the mesmerizing scenery ~You can feel the pure white sand is flowing through ur feet smoothly when sea wave reach on the sandy beach~ Built a sand castle if u have enough time for it.

Lunch Time~ We recharged at a Japanese restaurant~ service within a good courtesy, but the menu looks no surprise~variety of the dishes almost the same with other Japanese or Korea restaurants~ You can have an order, the taste overall a little better than moderately delicious~ but the bill is giving a shock on u~ wallet ready get zapped. HOHO

Langkawi Cable Car is a must visit destination~ If you are the 1st time tourist here, get a map or set up GPS in ur smartphone~ No a problem to get here~ The ticket price is so cheap during fasting month and we were very lucky due to we were the last passengers to take a ride as it will stop function at 5p.m~ So, come here earlier before sunset!  tourist who has height phobia is strongly not recommended, because it is hang onto a couple of thick stainless steel wires only, from the ground until the the peak of the hill. Having a cold feet when u look via the bottom mirror under ur feet~ Sound crazy but it was very entertaining. SCREAM IT OUT BLATANTLY inside the cable car and SHOUT IT OUT SONOROUSLY on the hill tower. Take a walk around the small town after buzzing with the cable car. CASCADE BRIDGES, may bring u fortune~

Well, we were exhausting and completely flat~ Time to having a delectable dinner at THAI MOM restaurant~ We dun have any budget for eat seafood~ they are really exorbitantly high in the price >..< Next Time Though,,,,,, 

 watching through hotel's window is displaying the romantic and fascinating night view around LANGKAWI ISLAND~   Sweet Dreams Guys~ Part 3 will be the end of our trip in this local island in Malaysia, update soon~ Seawater is flapping on the seaside rocks, crisp voices can be heard~ Bustlingggggggggggggg

Friday, 17 August 2012

Splendid JULY !!! Langkawi Tour ( PART ONE )

Date : 26th-28th July 2012
Venue : langkawi island
Purpose : vacation
Camera : Canon Ixus 115 HS


Man Joo, Michelle, Su Hua and Lawrence

The day we take ferry to Langkawi island~
Although we are not born with a silver spoon, our passionate for travelling is never extinguished !!
Budget around rm600
Tourism Package via FB advertisement since previous sem~
Assignments month, stressssssss~
Take a deep breathe for the trip :D

it's 3p.m when we arrived at KUALA KEDAH~
Jitra's black out cause us have to go to ALOR SETAR bank in the rest payment
Well, we finally get into the ferry, narrow seat but cold inside~
luggage were pilling up at store corner -.-, hard to pick it hard

wa, a couple of hours to reach the langkawi port -.-
quite dizzy @@
Then, tour agents arrive and welcome us with a white Proton Saga,
We are free to drive anywhere ^^V
Not to forget, CHECK IN!!
Without the map, just with some road hints from the agents,
we barely find it~
Great place indeed, marvelous scenery with sunset beach. Nice view ya
Play fool around the beach, because we waste half day for lectures and driving~

 AT night, damn hungry~
our motel is nearby the food street~
no need worry for starvation~
Look at the menu and prices, uh..... Soooooo "CHEAP" -.-
not suit for student like us to pay the bill~
luckily, we find a chinese restaurant which the price is still affordable :D
till 9p.m, we have just finished our dinner~ quite full and satisfy ya

After dinner, we take a walk along the streets~ most of the shops are selling souvenirs such as clothing and key chains, worth of buying~
A lot of foreigners choose langkawi for vacation, sweet couple and families, a little admiration on them.
If u want to buy some bread, BREADSTORY is recommended ^^ Fair price and  promotion, buy 1 and will get 1 free ya~
Besides, a newly built Chenang Mall , ur favorite Starbuck and Oldtown shop will also serve u here ~ haha, a good place for coffee addictors... 
Almost midninght~ with our barefoot, slowly walk around the seaside, enjoying the bay view. smooth sandy beach, comfortable !
There're some people who are night owls, active at night~ chitchatting and busy taking photos~
Well, it's my synopsis for the first day of  Langkawi Island~
Good Night for the explorers ~
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