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Friday, 17 August 2012

Splendid JULY !!! Langkawi Tour ( PART ONE )

Date : 26th-28th July 2012
Venue : langkawi island
Purpose : vacation
Camera : Canon Ixus 115 HS


Man Joo, Michelle, Su Hua and Lawrence

The day we take ferry to Langkawi island~
Although we are not born with a silver spoon, our passionate for travelling is never extinguished !!
Budget around rm600
Tourism Package via FB advertisement since previous sem~
Assignments month, stressssssss~
Take a deep breathe for the trip :D

it's 3p.m when we arrived at KUALA KEDAH~
Jitra's black out cause us have to go to ALOR SETAR bank in the rest payment
Well, we finally get into the ferry, narrow seat but cold inside~
luggage were pilling up at store corner -.-, hard to pick it hard

wa, a couple of hours to reach the langkawi port -.-
quite dizzy @@
Then, tour agents arrive and welcome us with a white Proton Saga,
We are free to drive anywhere ^^V
Not to forget, CHECK IN!!
Without the map, just with some road hints from the agents,
we barely find it~
Great place indeed, marvelous scenery with sunset beach. Nice view ya
Play fool around the beach, because we waste half day for lectures and driving~

 AT night, damn hungry~
our motel is nearby the food street~
no need worry for starvation~
Look at the menu and prices, uh..... Soooooo "CHEAP" -.-
not suit for student like us to pay the bill~
luckily, we find a chinese restaurant which the price is still affordable :D
till 9p.m, we have just finished our dinner~ quite full and satisfy ya

After dinner, we take a walk along the streets~ most of the shops are selling souvenirs such as clothing and key chains, worth of buying~
A lot of foreigners choose langkawi for vacation, sweet couple and families, a little admiration on them.
If u want to buy some bread, BREADSTORY is recommended ^^ Fair price and  promotion, buy 1 and will get 1 free ya~
Besides, a newly built Chenang Mall , ur favorite Starbuck and Oldtown shop will also serve u here ~ haha, a good place for coffee addictors... 
Almost midninght~ with our barefoot, slowly walk around the seaside, enjoying the bay view. smooth sandy beach, comfortable !
There're some people who are night owls, active at night~ chitchatting and busy taking photos~
Well, it's my synopsis for the first day of  Langkawi Island~
Good Night for the explorers ~
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