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Friday, 30 March 2012

Help Send These Kids to School!

Help Send These Kids to School!: Fugee School is an education hub for refugee kids in Malaysia that lives to empower the minds of refugee children with education which will one day allow them to make decisions for themselves and have the right to a bright future - a privilege all children should have.
At Fugee School, the refugee children are provided with weekly classes of English, Mathematics, Somali & even additional subjects from Computing to Arts as well as extra-curricular activities.

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Calling all SAYS dream catchers!

Calling all SAYS dream catchers!: If someone asked you

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Millions around the world will come together for something HUGE. Don't miss out, head to Sunway Pyramid this Saturday!

Millions around the world will come together for something HUGE. Don't miss out, head to Sunway Pyramid this Saturday!: WWF-Malaysia and Sunway Shopping Malls would like to invite everyone to participate in the Earth Hour 2012 event at the main entrance of Sunway Pyramid on Saturday 31st March 2012 from 8:30pm to 9:30pm. See you there!

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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Luckiness Falling Upon My Side

Date : 28.3.2012
Venue : IPDA
Purpose : Sharing Inner Feeling
Camera : Sony Xperia Mini Pro

Today seems to be a plain day for me,
normally attend to the classes,
Try to pick up some cheap lunch,
and Fighting with my sleepiness..

My roomate isn't here today,
go for vacation,
I'll be single in the room~
Switch on the laptop,
automatically open Facebook and do my routine job,
checking my notifications and stalking people's profile~

yet, yesterday i am dealing with my assignment until 1.30a.m..
feel sleepy, start to yawn.......
Hmm..... how long do i sleep......roughly one hour
that's enough for me to recharge.
It's time to bath, body is so sticky after PJ class.
Knock ! Knock ! Unexpected delivery !
I can see a bag of KFC containing one of my favorite meal
Chicken Famous Rice Bowl

i am not sure whether i have already few month do not taste.
It reminds me something, he is still caring me :')
Remember my favorite fast food ~
It drive me into the past,
puzzling the fragmented memories..
Yet, how long you will stay here,
it's still be an unknown for me,
trying to adapt new environment without you,
i am trying to be more flexible.

I am so lucky
Many of them are concerning me
some are with actions, some of them are not oblivious
I can feel it , recognize each goody you had done to me.
It will be a support for me to continue my life here,though it is not my will.
Be part of my colors in my life, sketching an endless story.

Luckiness always stay beside me,
i can break through any obstacle whenever i am broken down, helpless
Fall down and stand up again, repeating..
Tears Drops, how long it will be released,
it still hold me tight, can't respire.
However, luckiness save me from uncountable times,
there will be a miracle that waiting in front of me to pick it up.
My remedy , it bring me another new hope,
telling me do not give up.

People always said : " i am jealous with you".
Jealousy light up somewhere inside my heart,
as a reminder of that Luckiness is a satirize,
without luckiness, i still have my effort, exchange it with success
within luckiness, i can receive numerous surprises, appear a lot of shortcut to destination.
Luckiness sometimes play hide and seek with,
it will suddenly vanish, 
So, where can i rely on?
I am not always depend on my luckiness,
i have tried my best to reboot too,
demand it, and i will get it with all my way.
So, if luckiness doesn't fall upon my side,
YOU are the ones I NEED 
Getting further between our distance,
but the link never disconnect.

Luckiness Falling Upon My Side,
I will cherish it,
Friendship Falling Upon My Side,
be nice to me and for sure i'll treat you twice far better than what you can't expect.
Once hurt, i need ample of time to recover,
each goodies you send to me, 
it will be a plaster which will cover my wounds,
bit by bit.

Your choice, i have no any comment, but when you require my support, i'll be there 

Luckiness, i love you and yet hate you too
destroy and rebuild my hope once it is fragile.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Don't Expect for the Perfect Goal, Try to Achieve the Best You Can

Date : 27 March 2012
Venue : IPDA
Purpose : Sharing Inner Feeling
Camera : Canon Ixus 130i

I want to share some of my opinion~
Instant and Real
More or less, it's about EFFORT ~
When someone tell you that : "Wa, you are sooo Great ... You must be genius !! ,"
How do you feel for this sentence?
Is it a compliment or just a few words that make you uncomfortable ?

For example, when given a task,
for sure everyone need to find their solution to complete it.
In the progression of doing IT, 
How many commitment, passion and energy,
How long you spend,
What other things have you sacrificed?

Ask yourself,
Do you really concentrate 100% with every task given?
Are you satisfied with your work done today?
Being told that you are so smart do do it?
is that all? Just because of intelligence?

I am always wondering if i can complete my task earlier,
on the way to reach my goal,
more than thousands or even millions steps i have walked,
Uncountable drops of sweat falling down through my body,
it is very torturing and exhausting,
and finally i barely to stand on my goal.
I will define it as an EFFORT.

Not only to depend on your brain mentally,
but psychically it also do need your whole body.
Every work, if you expect that you can do it well,
but just an imagination.
You will stay in your DREAM forever.
If you want to realize your dream, please show it with your EFFORT.

Effort do not consuming or decreasing your lifespan,
there are proof, honour and dignity to display that every move you choose is not a waste on time.
But it is involving your will to make a start of the goal,
You will definitely enjoy your success when you are finally coming to an end with it.
Enjoy the progression when dealing with your tasks,
never dreaming of how good you can do,
but try to achieve how much you can get through it.
Without Effort, Your dream will be just a untouchable imagination.
Within Effort, Your Dream will be a truly solid reality to gain with.

In a nutshell, you have to learn to do it,
don't say that it is too hard or impossible for you,
you will get nothing in the end without paying any effort.
If you regret and give up, you have lost your way forever.

Don't Expect for The Perfect Goal, Try to Achieve the Best You Can.

Thanks for reading, Without Effort, Without Dream.

another quotes sharing : the number one reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have gotten.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

DEJAVU- Unforgettable Sem-Break Trip ( PART 1 )

Actual Date : 8th-11th March 2012
Location : Taiping, Perak
Purpose : Vacation
Camera : Canon Ixus 130i, Sony Xperia Mini Pro, Samsung Galaxy S2

This is my very 1st vacation with my chinese classmate~ From the last semester, just have a one day short trip with them. For example, shopping at alor setar, padang besar and so on~  Well, glad to have such opportunity to join the 4 days 3 night trip at Taiping. SOLID DREAM and memorable~

 Day One ______ 8th of March, Thursdays

We still have class in the morning until afternoon. Can't wait to grab my bus ticket and rush to Alor Setar terminal bus station~ Approximately 2 hours before afternoon, we are being announced that we have to clean out our room, not even a single stuff allowed to stay inside the room .... WT ....!!! Know what ??!!! Too many stuffs inside my room !!! Clothes, books, files, food and so on !!! How come i am able to clear out all that things !! the officer never concern about the student!! So, i nid to rush back to my room like a mad man and try to move the things into utility room. God bless me and finally, it's done~~

On the way to taiping_____
we have to switch 2 buses before we reach our destination -.- bring along with my extra large luggage and medium size hand bag within a laptop bag...everything becomes more suffer when we need to put up and down the luggage s ! A warming up session ya! we spent 4 and half hours to reach Kamunting,perak bus station~ and Jia lok's father fecth up all of us , in total 8 peoples, finally, arrive her home- Simpang~ Have good rest.  Her house look really neat, dust-free, comfort, clean enviroment ....does bring exquisite "zen" feeling to me to stay calm inside my heart..SOme more, all of her family member are well manner and a bit strict on their daily life. Such as we need to sleep before 11p.m, can't waste any natural sources , be recycle and many useful daily tips that everyone of us needed to follow as be responsible to take care our earth, GO GREEN ! For dinner, we eat "LO MEE", one word - YUMMY !

Day two _____9th of March, Friday

Wake up early in the morning, take " WAN TAN MEE" as our morning booster~ get ready to Taiping Zoo, Perak. Since friday is still the school day, not many tourist at there and we will be the BOSS ! haha. I am amazed with variety of unique animals live at there. Lion, Owl, Parrot, Bear, Monkey and Bla Bla Bla~ Able to catch up their movement and snap the photos~ The weather is hot, keep sweating anyway~ We are the shooting stars ~ be a zoo model there, different poses with the adorable animals~ ( Spent 2 hours )
 Next station is, horse riding !! First time to ride on horse with just rm20 ~ Everyone seems to be so excited, when the horse start moving, i can feel that i almost fell down onto the ground..So i hold tightly on its back ~ SORRY~ :P After that, we are lucky too. The horse keeper offer us a free feeding package that each one of us can try to feed the horse with some carrots. nice experience :D never foget to purchase some souvenirs at there, i have bought a mini horse shaped clock , cost me only 20 bucks. Until 12p.m,  we are going to check in at Taiping Golf Resort Hotel~ I am so surprised that we can spent overnight at 5 stars hotel with just rm150 per room and night!! WOhho, can't wait to jump on the big bed !

Then, recharge with tomyam fried rice at chinese food center, jia lok' daddy send us to BUKIT LARUT, PERAK~ We are not going to walk since it's already 3p.m when we reach there..and we decide to take a drive with a trek car ( Rm8 per person ). Along the way, we move up to the hill, it's a real roller coaster play!!  extremely narrow and steeply road, the driver is so professional !!! want to know why, please pay a visit next time~~All of us keep shouting when we are going up the hill !!! WA WA WA !!! SYIOK !!! Adventurous Trip !! After say hi to Bukit Larut, we should walk around at Taiping Lakeside...but,,, we see ABT sign board on the way to T'L ~~ ABT = adventure bike travel !! Whoa, must have a try.. however, only 3 of us : me, jia lok and yee mun want to participate ... bout the fee, rm40 per person...that why la~~ haha .. In addition, only 3 bikes are avaible at the time~ Many accidents have occured... stucked at the small river bank, crushed on trees, sterling broken down, need to share one bike with two persons...OMG ... it's raining ~ our clothes are get dirty and wet!! Relief that the bike guider is a gentle, warm-hearted man !! Always being pay attention on us, try to help us when we are involved in the incidents..So touching !! haha.. for me, it's a worthy paid experience. Dinner at bean sprout chicken restaurant and go back to our hotel!! GOOD night~


Thank for reading !

Friday, 2 March 2012

Lightning February - End of 2nd Month 2012

Date : 2 MARCH 2012
Venue : IPDA
Purpose : Conclude the events of Feb.
Camera : Canon Ixus 130i , Sony Xperia Mini Pro.

ATTENTION ********

Do not feel surprise why i am not upload pics for this post and i have no update any post during FEB..
The main reason is my Celcom Broadband seems to have some problems, signal low, surfing speed also has been greatly decreased. And I am being super duper busy in the previous month.
So, please be patient.Will upload A.S.A.P.

End of CNY ____________

Whoa, i have never expected that i am going through such a busy, tiring but contented CNY of 2012. Well, i need to go back to Kedah since the celebration week is alarmed to show time's up. I get a lot of ang pau and these $$$$ will be saved into my account as my account almost approach the zero amount inside it =.=lll BIG SPENDING. Time flies, Ipda, meet u again......

1st week afta CNY__________

Lemme list out the activities i have done in this week.  High Jump practice, CHAP GOH MEI CELEBRATION, TMK SHORT VIDEO FILMING, PRESENTATION ..... OMG.... These activities are very FUN ! Why i say like this? I am enjoying the feeling of jumping into the air and land on the Huge cushion ( high jumping ), Scissors style, Pelana Style and Fosbury style... I like the 3rd style the most !!! Next, Chap Goh Mei Celebration with my ipda frenz.. 1st experience celebrating together and dinner under the same roof,    eating the same dishes on the table and Chik Chak ! @.@ Lastly, given a task to create a video in a group of 4-5 peoples, random themes. Well, I discover that each one is talented to be a actor, how to say....umm... they are marvelous ! Within or without scripts, they still can perform well. This task might gip me a nose bleeding as i am spending hours of a day to trim and combine the video...Not Enough of Sleep... Though, glad to see everyone include lecturer are keeping laughing when the video start until the end . =D  Can be my third part time job as an actor..huhu.

Special event _______________
I am so HAPPY that i receive another roomate who called Adrian . HE is elder than me..Age is privated. A talkative, hygienic, hardworking, caring and bla bla bla who brings me a lot of joy in my silent room . ^^ Always keep my room clean, respect each other, sometimes do treat me with surprises.. We are not simply a roomate, but upgrade to brother - brother relationship, beome my big ah gor already~~ i know that you have done many things to me, i am touching !!! haha. Now, i have two lovely roomates, Daniel and Adrian.. Hit twice of JACKPOT !!! DAMN LUCKY and God, thank you for giving such a valuable gift.

2nd week afta CNY________________
OMG !!!! Assignment weeks is finally arrived. Each subjects, each assignment, each task = DIE ! Fuh, it's not a big deal for me anymore,,,,, because i am immune since last sem and being trained well for the next wave of assignments. For my opinion,  less assignments have been given for this sem... most of them are quizzes, speech, oral presentation, test.....Look RELAXING but i still don't require adequate time to SLEEP...THANKS to Monitor part time JOB !!!  I do have new partners for my group assignment in this semester.. YI YU, VIVIAN and CANDY, support me all over the time, do help me a lot, free medicine of laughters, fulfill my empty lonely period and effectively reduce my STRESS of being a leader. All of you have the potential to be a GOOD LEADER, just need to be more CONFIDENT ! TRUST YOURSELF and YOU CAN DO IT.  Lontar Peluru, Cina Buta, Pjk assignment, presentation and so on, Perfect or not, i still being grateful the complete the tasks together. Willingly to has meeting for everyday at night, at the same cafe but different stories happening there ! !  So much jokes have been made XP more or less, will waste some of your precious times there. At least, will you appreciate the little moments there? maybe next sem will be separated~~~ huhu

29th of FEB, all semester 2 students are ordered to participate PERMAINAN TRADISIONAL which is organized by SEM 5 seniors. Various of  interesting competitions, by the way.... uhhh..... our class has done  our best to achieve the highest target.. at last...failed.. 3rd place of the overall competition. Do not be  dissappointed, just enjoy it !!! DO not always compare with other class. WE ARE THE BEST !

3rd week afta CNY ______________
I am very sleepy, i need to recharge!!! Most of the works have been done, i can't wait for my short trip at TAIPING !! SIGH..... i exceed my budget of monthly expenses...NVM...IT's all worth to me !!! 9th of March, trip to taiping, will be a _____??? trip ??? I can't feel the right atmosphere for the current feeling....Mysterious... Oh yeah, offered 3 of my classmates, CANDY, SU HUA and MICHELLE to stay at my house since they can't go back to their Hometown afta the trip. Hehe, they seems to be so excited XD me too !!!

Current task _________
Will have grammar test, writing test, and role play ( DRACULA ) before sem break. GOOD LUCK FOR ME AND EVERYONE !!!

I can't described each scenes that have happened in FEB.. TOO MANY, TOO EMO, TOO COMPLICATED, TOO BUSY, TOO TIRED, TOO HIGH AND DOWN and  SO MANY TOOs !!! I'll be broken down on someday.


To be continue--->
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