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Thursday, 22 March 2012

DEJAVU- Unforgettable Sem-Break Trip ( PART 1 )

Actual Date : 8th-11th March 2012
Location : Taiping, Perak
Purpose : Vacation
Camera : Canon Ixus 130i, Sony Xperia Mini Pro, Samsung Galaxy S2

This is my very 1st vacation with my chinese classmate~ From the last semester, just have a one day short trip with them. For example, shopping at alor setar, padang besar and so on~  Well, glad to have such opportunity to join the 4 days 3 night trip at Taiping. SOLID DREAM and memorable~

 Day One ______ 8th of March, Thursdays

We still have class in the morning until afternoon. Can't wait to grab my bus ticket and rush to Alor Setar terminal bus station~ Approximately 2 hours before afternoon, we are being announced that we have to clean out our room, not even a single stuff allowed to stay inside the room .... WT ....!!! Know what ??!!! Too many stuffs inside my room !!! Clothes, books, files, food and so on !!! How come i am able to clear out all that things !! the officer never concern about the student!! So, i nid to rush back to my room like a mad man and try to move the things into utility room. God bless me and finally, it's done~~

On the way to taiping_____
we have to switch 2 buses before we reach our destination -.- bring along with my extra large luggage and medium size hand bag within a laptop bag...everything becomes more suffer when we need to put up and down the luggage s ! A warming up session ya! we spent 4 and half hours to reach Kamunting,perak bus station~ and Jia lok's father fecth up all of us , in total 8 peoples, finally, arrive her home- Simpang~ Have good rest.  Her house look really neat, dust-free, comfort, clean enviroment ....does bring exquisite "zen" feeling to me to stay calm inside my heart..SOme more, all of her family member are well manner and a bit strict on their daily life. Such as we need to sleep before 11p.m, can't waste any natural sources , be recycle and many useful daily tips that everyone of us needed to follow as be responsible to take care our earth, GO GREEN ! For dinner, we eat "LO MEE", one word - YUMMY !

Day two _____9th of March, Friday

Wake up early in the morning, take " WAN TAN MEE" as our morning booster~ get ready to Taiping Zoo, Perak. Since friday is still the school day, not many tourist at there and we will be the BOSS ! haha. I am amazed with variety of unique animals live at there. Lion, Owl, Parrot, Bear, Monkey and Bla Bla Bla~ Able to catch up their movement and snap the photos~ The weather is hot, keep sweating anyway~ We are the shooting stars ~ be a zoo model there, different poses with the adorable animals~ ( Spent 2 hours )
 Next station is, horse riding !! First time to ride on horse with just rm20 ~ Everyone seems to be so excited, when the horse start moving, i can feel that i almost fell down onto the ground..So i hold tightly on its back ~ SORRY~ :P After that, we are lucky too. The horse keeper offer us a free feeding package that each one of us can try to feed the horse with some carrots. nice experience :D never foget to purchase some souvenirs at there, i have bought a mini horse shaped clock , cost me only 20 bucks. Until 12p.m,  we are going to check in at Taiping Golf Resort Hotel~ I am so surprised that we can spent overnight at 5 stars hotel with just rm150 per room and night!! WOhho, can't wait to jump on the big bed !

Then, recharge with tomyam fried rice at chinese food center, jia lok' daddy send us to BUKIT LARUT, PERAK~ We are not going to walk since it's already 3p.m when we reach there..and we decide to take a drive with a trek car ( Rm8 per person ). Along the way, we move up to the hill, it's a real roller coaster play!!  extremely narrow and steeply road, the driver is so professional !!! want to know why, please pay a visit next time~~All of us keep shouting when we are going up the hill !!! WA WA WA !!! SYIOK !!! Adventurous Trip !! After say hi to Bukit Larut, we should walk around at Taiping Lakeside...but,,, we see ABT sign board on the way to T'L ~~ ABT = adventure bike travel !! Whoa, must have a try.. however, only 3 of us : me, jia lok and yee mun want to participate ... bout the fee, rm40 per person...that why la~~ haha .. In addition, only 3 bikes are avaible at the time~ Many accidents have occured... stucked at the small river bank, crushed on trees, sterling broken down, need to share one bike with two persons...OMG ... it's raining ~ our clothes are get dirty and wet!! Relief that the bike guider is a gentle, warm-hearted man !! Always being pay attention on us, try to help us when we are involved in the incidents..So touching !! haha.. for me, it's a worthy paid experience. Dinner at bean sprout chicken restaurant and go back to our hotel!! GOOD night~


Thank for reading !


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