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Friday, 2 March 2012

Lightning February - End of 2nd Month 2012

Date : 2 MARCH 2012
Venue : IPDA
Purpose : Conclude the events of Feb.
Camera : Canon Ixus 130i , Sony Xperia Mini Pro.

ATTENTION ********

Do not feel surprise why i am not upload pics for this post and i have no update any post during FEB..
The main reason is my Celcom Broadband seems to have some problems, signal low, surfing speed also has been greatly decreased. And I am being super duper busy in the previous month.
So, please be patient.Will upload A.S.A.P.

End of CNY ____________

Whoa, i have never expected that i am going through such a busy, tiring but contented CNY of 2012. Well, i need to go back to Kedah since the celebration week is alarmed to show time's up. I get a lot of ang pau and these $$$$ will be saved into my account as my account almost approach the zero amount inside it =.=lll BIG SPENDING. Time flies, Ipda, meet u again......

1st week afta CNY__________

Lemme list out the activities i have done in this week.  High Jump practice, CHAP GOH MEI CELEBRATION, TMK SHORT VIDEO FILMING, PRESENTATION ..... OMG.... These activities are very FUN ! Why i say like this? I am enjoying the feeling of jumping into the air and land on the Huge cushion ( high jumping ), Scissors style, Pelana Style and Fosbury style... I like the 3rd style the most !!! Next, Chap Goh Mei Celebration with my ipda frenz.. 1st experience celebrating together and dinner under the same roof,    eating the same dishes on the table and Chik Chak ! @.@ Lastly, given a task to create a video in a group of 4-5 peoples, random themes. Well, I discover that each one is talented to be a actor, how to say....umm... they are marvelous ! Within or without scripts, they still can perform well. This task might gip me a nose bleeding as i am spending hours of a day to trim and combine the video...Not Enough of Sleep... Though, glad to see everyone include lecturer are keeping laughing when the video start until the end . =D  Can be my third part time job as an actor..huhu.

Special event _______________
I am so HAPPY that i receive another roomate who called Adrian . HE is elder than me..Age is privated. A talkative, hygienic, hardworking, caring and bla bla bla who brings me a lot of joy in my silent room . ^^ Always keep my room clean, respect each other, sometimes do treat me with surprises.. We are not simply a roomate, but upgrade to brother - brother relationship, beome my big ah gor already~~ i know that you have done many things to me, i am touching !!! haha. Now, i have two lovely roomates, Daniel and Adrian.. Hit twice of JACKPOT !!! DAMN LUCKY and God, thank you for giving such a valuable gift.

2nd week afta CNY________________
OMG !!!! Assignment weeks is finally arrived. Each subjects, each assignment, each task = DIE ! Fuh, it's not a big deal for me anymore,,,,, because i am immune since last sem and being trained well for the next wave of assignments. For my opinion,  less assignments have been given for this sem... most of them are quizzes, speech, oral presentation, test.....Look RELAXING but i still don't require adequate time to SLEEP...THANKS to Monitor part time JOB !!!  I do have new partners for my group assignment in this semester.. YI YU, VIVIAN and CANDY, support me all over the time, do help me a lot, free medicine of laughters, fulfill my empty lonely period and effectively reduce my STRESS of being a leader. All of you have the potential to be a GOOD LEADER, just need to be more CONFIDENT ! TRUST YOURSELF and YOU CAN DO IT.  Lontar Peluru, Cina Buta, Pjk assignment, presentation and so on, Perfect or not, i still being grateful the complete the tasks together. Willingly to has meeting for everyday at night, at the same cafe but different stories happening there ! !  So much jokes have been made XP more or less, will waste some of your precious times there. At least, will you appreciate the little moments there? maybe next sem will be separated~~~ huhu

29th of FEB, all semester 2 students are ordered to participate PERMAINAN TRADISIONAL which is organized by SEM 5 seniors. Various of  interesting competitions, by the way.... uhhh..... our class has done  our best to achieve the highest target.. at last...failed.. 3rd place of the overall competition. Do not be  dissappointed, just enjoy it !!! DO not always compare with other class. WE ARE THE BEST !

3rd week afta CNY ______________
I am very sleepy, i need to recharge!!! Most of the works have been done, i can't wait for my short trip at TAIPING !! SIGH..... i exceed my budget of monthly expenses...NVM...IT's all worth to me !!! 9th of March, trip to taiping, will be a _____??? trip ??? I can't feel the right atmosphere for the current feeling....Mysterious... Oh yeah, offered 3 of my classmates, CANDY, SU HUA and MICHELLE to stay at my house since they can't go back to their Hometown afta the trip. Hehe, they seems to be so excited XD me too !!!

Current task _________
Will have grammar test, writing test, and role play ( DRACULA ) before sem break. GOOD LUCK FOR ME AND EVERYONE !!!

I can't described each scenes that have happened in FEB.. TOO MANY, TOO EMO, TOO COMPLICATED, TOO BUSY, TOO TIRED, TOO HIGH AND DOWN and  SO MANY TOOs !!! I'll be broken down on someday.


To be continue--->


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