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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Runion trip at Padang Besar,Perlis - first in 2012

Actual date : Friday, 6 January 2012
Venue : Padang Besar , Perlis and Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kedah
Purpose: To purchase Class T-shirt and a one day short vacation.
Camera : Canon Ixus 130i

An unexpected Friday outing with my lovely classmates, booking two cars, requesting passengers maximum seats, dealing with the drivers for the cheapest price, confirming the time. POPS. It's done =D Starts our journey at 10a.m, well, it's a bit late for me~ because it almost takes one hour to reach our destination. Furthermore, we have wasted couples of minutes with registering our names on the guard book. LOL . New rule appears, such a stupid rule. So, who is gonna join this trip?? Yi yu, vivian, yee mun, candy, su hua, mee peng, jia lok, man joo, michelle, hazim and i ~ Total in 11 peoples. Along the way, there are so many nice scenes to be captured , making laugh inside the van and chit-chatting, the driver also drowned by our laughter.
Finally we are reaching there safely ~ It's so hot !!! Glazing hot sunlight with drought season, keep sweating. Description for Padang Besar. It is a big market or bazaar which provide us various T-shirts in Sports or in casual custom, sun glasses, shoes, belts and so on. The most important thing is some of them are very CHEAP !! The Market consist of 2 floors, the inner part even though we feel it is a small building but unfortunately not,  look narrow and tiny inside and on the other hand we feel so spacious at the outside part of the 2nd floor. Window shop for a while, comparing price at each stall and shop ~ It spends some time until we lunch.

We have lunch at a MAMAK stall.  A lot of dishes such as traditional style fried rice, desserts, Thai Tom Yam, refreshers and other various yummy menus ^^ However, so expensive o !!! Unacceptable...For which mamak, keep it private. After lunch, we go back to bazaar and start to purchase our class T-shirt and some souvenirs for our friends ~ Not enough time for us to walk around and pick the items we want slowly~ Speed up guys !

About 3.30p.m, we need to move to Duty Free Zone at Bukit Kayu Hitam which near the Thailand boundary. There is a immigration center which have to check our identification card ~ a lot of police and soldiers there,what a stress view ! Duty Free Zone means Tax Free, so all the things in the shopping mall is so so so so cheap !!! included the Heineken Beer just rm4 per big size tin. but unluckily we can bring them back to Kedah because it is just available for Thailand~ Opps..we still buy many stuffs as we can't control our desire to buy it all >..< On the way to the mall, the driver dropped by a sugar cane fields and let us to snap some photos~ hurray !!

Have the best day ever hang out with my friends ~ new experience and new photos are captured~ What an unforgettable one day trip ~


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