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Friday, 13 January 2012

Expecting,Planning,Rushing - Blessed Gathering 2012

Date : 13 January 2012
Venue : Kfc, Jitra, Kedah
Purpose : Ipda Family reunion dinner
camera : Canon

Exclusively organized by my bro, Jymy Lim in 2012 January for Both Sin Ni Lim and Wei Wen Lee sisters  who soon will continue their study at UPSI .=D Well, not all from my Ipda family can attend today as some of them have important tasks or works to deal with..LOL, just participated twice gatherings with Sin Ni and Wei Wen and later on will miss two members in my family  =( Hope we can have a full reunion for the next gathering.  Really thanks to sisters and brothers who can join the dinner ~~~ 

From my very 1st family gathering, a silent dead boy who zipped his mouth, shy and wonder at other outer space in his mind and later slowly merge into the real condition, starting to enjoy their conversations. And today is our big day. Have had meeting from 3p.m until 5p.m, then head to Tanah Merah bus station to redeem my money and next forward to YAWATA to purchase my kettle ( very disappointed with my hostel water supplier ). Owh, late for 15 minutes for the dinner , my apology >..< 

As usual,  i feel awkward and speechless ...hehe.. no idea what am i going to start the chat..sit aside and put up my cheek ~~~  Luckily, Caman is the person who break the silence in the air, everybody seems to fuse in her talkative atmosphere =D A lot of topics are gonna to share .. Some of us , ME, just focusing on his snack plate and his ears are channeled to his step sisters conversations. Actually, it is quite exciting and interesting to share their recent conditions and their experience in the campus. Hmm, learn numerous surviving skills XD to know what is it?? SECRET 

umm... dunno what i want to share for the next point. So, straight to my views __

Firstly, i do like to be a member of this family with cute and adorable sisters and brothers.
Conversation, ladies 1st. XP will try to open my mouth for the next few gatherings.
They always take care each of us, concerning our latest status whether we can handle our assignments or having any problems in communication with friends.
Some of them are funny , LIKE IT SO MUCH !!
Open minded, talkative and very nice person ~
love the photographing session with them ~
and so on~~~

Lastly, take care for both Sin Ni and Wei Wen. Hope you guys will have adapt to new study enviroment at UPSI soon. COME RAIN AND SHINE =D  god always bless you. see you next time !!!


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