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Photos are the best memories , i would like to snap down every moment with people around my world. PHOTOs MorE ThAn WoRdS ! Lets Frame your heart inside the PHotoS, Be ExPoSed to the SunLight, Shinning FoRevEr =D


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Thursday, 5 July 2012


Date : 5th JULY 2012
Venue : unknown
Purpose : sharing

now, i am helpless,
i am lost,
i am breaking down,
i am being cheated,
i am being betrayed,
i just want to go home NOW !!!

At somewhere else, i am still waiting...
hope one day, i will leave here same as him,
Rather to be a dead in my hometown,
enjoying the silent death voice.

Guide me to the right place,
i am calling you~
i just want to pour everything out of my mind, 
then i'll be fine :)
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