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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Splendid JULY !!! Langkawi Tour - PART 2~~

Date : 26th-28th July 2012
Venue : Langkawi Island
Purpose : Vacation
Camera : Canon Ixus 115HS


Hya!! I am back to continue on my vacation's report ! It's was a long pause since August till now~
I am tangled with bunch of homework, assignments, Mid Autumn Festival performances, Ping Pong Club organizations .......... and Final Exam in Semester 3 ~

Yup, it's in the shinny morning at Langkawi Island~ The pic above were where we took our breakfast~ It served mostly western food~ Not really luxurious but with just simple buttery roasted toasts, sausages, fried eggs, hams, bread with fruity jams and cups of milo, coffee and tea  :)  Simply finger licking good ~ We get enough of stamina to explore LANGKAWI's 3 mini islands~

Here we went!!! frenzy photo shooting inside a spacious van <-----

Onto a small boat, but it was enough to fill with 16 people per time ( not included driver )

Don't forget to put the identical pass on visible part of your body ( for example cloth ), it was just a sticker and it's not waterproof, better take care of it~ it will drop off easily without your notice~ do not hit by water   splash.

FOREVER PREGNANT MOTHER HILL ~ ( it's wont give birth actually )

Can you spot those adorable monkey who are waiting the visitors?? they are not welcoming us but concentrate on our handbags or recycle bags for food~ they are HUNGRY~ CAUTION!!! They will attack you ~ WILD AMBUSH

One of the mini islands ~ Tasik Dayang Bunting~
Big swamp located under the downhill~ U can spend ur time swimming there or have a sunbathe~ 

We miss to explore 2nd mini Island -.- it's two XXX passengers' fault who late on boat!!! We wasted almost an hour waiting for them!!!

Yo! the 3rd island~ BERAS BASAH or WET RICE ISLAND?! Sound WEIRD and FUNNY

IT's a good spot for water sports~ Snorkeling, Banana boat ride, picnic, jog, swim, diving~ Just choose either one from it~ Don't forget to prepare sunblock oil, sunlight nowadays contain high concentration of UV light~ May cause sunburn on your white skin~ We able to capture the mesmerizing scenery ~You can feel the pure white sand is flowing through ur feet smoothly when sea wave reach on the sandy beach~ Built a sand castle if u have enough time for it.

Lunch Time~ We recharged at a Japanese restaurant~ service within a good courtesy, but the menu looks no surprise~variety of the dishes almost the same with other Japanese or Korea restaurants~ You can have an order, the taste overall a little better than moderately delicious~ but the bill is giving a shock on u~ wallet ready get zapped. HOHO

Langkawi Cable Car is a must visit destination~ If you are the 1st time tourist here, get a map or set up GPS in ur smartphone~ No a problem to get here~ The ticket price is so cheap during fasting month and we were very lucky due to we were the last passengers to take a ride as it will stop function at 5p.m~ So, come here earlier before sunset!  tourist who has height phobia is strongly not recommended, because it is hang onto a couple of thick stainless steel wires only, from the ground until the the peak of the hill. Having a cold feet when u look via the bottom mirror under ur feet~ Sound crazy but it was very entertaining. SCREAM IT OUT BLATANTLY inside the cable car and SHOUT IT OUT SONOROUSLY on the hill tower. Take a walk around the small town after buzzing with the cable car. CASCADE BRIDGES, may bring u fortune~

Well, we were exhausting and completely flat~ Time to having a delectable dinner at THAI MOM restaurant~ We dun have any budget for eat seafood~ they are really exorbitantly high in the price >..< Next Time Though,,,,,, 

 watching through hotel's window is displaying the romantic and fascinating night view around LANGKAWI ISLAND~   Sweet Dreams Guys~ Part 3 will be the end of our trip in this local island in Malaysia, update soon~ Seawater is flapping on the seaside rocks, crisp voices can be heard~ Bustlingggggggggggggg

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