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Friday, 3 February 2012

BEST CNY EVER -Harmonious Gathering 2012

Date : 23rd- 27th January 2012
Venue : hometown
Purpose : celebrating CNY
Camera : Canon Ixus 130i, Sony Xperia Mini Pro


Already three weeks that i no go back to my hometown ~ relief lying on the queen size bed ~ Enlightened when i get my 1st ang pau from my parents ~~ Quite a big amount inside it~ hehe. just nothing to do and BTW do my daily activity - facebook until evening. Around 6.30p.m, start our journey to kampar, ( relatives treat my family n i dinner at XXXXX RESTAURANT ~ Abalone, legendary river fish, crab meat, chicken, lotus steamed rice and so on . YUMMY and STOMACH IS SO FULL !! Long time not to enjoy such luxurious dishes as everyday i just order fried rice at my hostel cafe. sigh ! Now, i can eat whatever i want !!! Crackers, Biscuits, mandarins and bla bla bla ~ Luckily still can maintain my body shape and weight ~ hoho. For the 2nd next day, i can't finish all the enormous size of delectable dishes of 2nd reunion inner!!! Too much to digest. Some more, need to get to destination before 5.30p.m -.- dessert time

For these few days, keeping up with my hometown friends to visit each other house to take for ANG PAU ~ bit by bit and it can convert into a lot of $$$$$ !! Like to gather ~ 1st day nite visit jye min house !! Feel awkward when we stare at each eye  and face to face  ..hehe... not important point of view !  At least we have gathered together ~ i manage to see everyone of them in my hometown but one is missing there ~ nvm nvm nvm ^^  we do gamble but not very large duel ~ maximum until rm 5 only.. chee kit and i be the host and we lost A BIT. Haha ( quite hurt XP ) Gamble for few hours and till midnight ~ wohoo.. best period for getting out to have some drink and chit chat even though already chat so much inside the house ~ Too noisy and scare neighbours nearby complain . hehe. chat about current conditions and share some of our latest story ~ interesting . not bad not bad 

nice to visit their house continuously within the days. i thought that i will just stay at home . Anyway, i do really enjoy it from each sunrise until each sun set. hoho. eat, joke, talk, play, snap, gamble ~ everyday is full of activities during CNY ^^ In addition, i serve them with card and PS2 when they decide to visit my house~ from 9p.m until midnite. Have share some inner feeling.. =D i LIKE it ! More prefer the last gathering, a very very very big gathering that sit together in a big round table like Oldfolks. Never forget these moments and hope for the next CNY gathering and then GAMBLE !!! because i do always lose $$$ during the week !!! very unlucky !!!  Pray more !!!

Glad to see YOU again, whisper from my heart deeply . GOOD LUCK !!!

new hairstyle and new characteristics !!
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