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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Reopening of New Semester - sem 2

Actual date : 2nd - 15 January 2012
Venue : IPDA
Purpose : summarizing the 1st fortnight at IPDA
Camera : Canon IXUS 130I


I am back with a giant, massive luggage with full of clothes, food, stationary and so on Plus one medium hand bag and one laptop bag. Feel Good at all !!! This time, i have brought my own camera and now i can capture higher resolution and qualities photos. New timetable - each time must consist of sport class, so,  formal wear is not needed =D who cares everyday u have to exercise and at least u no need to wear a thick and annoying formal shirts under hot melting weather  ~Well, this sem, Jia lok and i are required to replace the   
previous monitor and assistant monitor. Hehe, nervous, frightening and worrying JOB. I feel more tension if my classmates do not give their cooperation with me or show not respect to us when having any meeting. Exhausted man !! It's quite hurt actually when anybody ignore your command or they remain in silence to not share their opinion or any idea... This call ..... WHATEVER !!  Next time when u be a monitor, you will know  the taste. Leader or being a monitor, need to be responsible, must have to complete any task given, take care each classmate, require a good leadership.. and seriously be an early bird. Wake up in the morning and walk to the office and pick up the register book and until evening, u have to return it again. The most difficult works are taking signature from any lecture whether they attend or absent, need to find them out even though they do not present in the class and planning,assuming and calculating the credits hour without fail. On the other hand, u have to find an empty period to replace it. Anyway, i am still enjoying with my new job, it can enlarge my social network in IPDA and hardship trainings ~~ =D


Whoa, i have never expect that the 1st week and 2nd week will be given a lot a lot of homeworks !! All seniors comfort me : "will be fine after this sem.." Speechless >..<ll And during the holiday until now, the sem 1 results finally announced !! I am worrying all day long.. and thanks god that i passed with 3.54 pointers. ^^ i don't have any fail in my subjects. All efforts i have done before are worth ~~ Next, numerous and various tasks have been ordered to finish it in this month - presentation, homeworks and KKP !! Arghh...homework phobia has started...Another news, GSTT trainees have registered in our IPDA, welcome ~~ all of them are aged between 20 - 30 ++ .... I will feel weird if they call me as senior because all of them are elder than me ~~ Haha.. For recent activities,celebrating michelle and safuan bufday, hapi birthday !!! i have keep training for my 2.4km running test, wake up at 7a.m and run for 6 rounds and above..I really do need more oxygen to breathe or else i'll collapse -.- have spent a lot of money up to RM400 above, i wonder where did my money wasted on ??!! Next week is CNY, i can't wait to go home and take a good rest !!! Okay, bless me for passing 2.4k.m running test with approaching it within 12 minutes and below ~~

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