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Saturday, 21 January 2012

CNY Countdown - first sem break 2012

Actual date :  16-18th January 2012
venue : IPDA
Purpose : awaiting for CNY celebration
Camera : Acer webcam, Canon Ixus 130i, Sony Xperia Mini Pro

OMG ...this week.... everyday is MEETING !!! Attending the class from morning until evening ...rest within 2 hours....then rush to cafeteria for meeting and having dinner at there too -.-... What a meeting fever i have !!! This week is my PJK group presentation for bullet shot put @.@ we don't have any experience with it.. So, we have to learn from the bottom to the top and next we need to teach our classmates for its history and skills learning. A really hard task. Besides that, we also have to create a Shot Put practice timetable before we undergo further it. Well, we have done it successfully due to our classmates' cooperation ^^ really appreciate it. Another point that i must share is ---- i am proud with my teammates_____Yi yu, Candy and Vivian who sacrifice their energy and time to attend the meeting each day to organize a better and wiser presentation. Of course, must say Thank You to our PJ lecturer : Mr. Zainol who has given a lot of opinions, comments and ideas to us, a undoubted good lecturer to lead us untill the end =D.  During this busy week, i have received several surprises from my bro , JYMY and great friend , Jenny. They send me the biggest and warmest supports when i am facing the hardships. I get greeting cards, secret recipe cakes and a little cute Mandarin.  Sharing is caring, i would like to share my cake with my group ~ Yummy and delicious ~ pump my spirit up. Last sentence to say, i enjoy the challenge !!! wohoo ! Also thanks to Hazim !!! Always accompany dinner at there too !! hehe

Countdown ______________

Hooi, never forget that i have attended Mandarin ( limau ) decoration event ~~ Sponsored by IPDA Chinese Society ----- Many boxes of mandarin leh ~~~ Apparatus needed : a pair of scissors, printed logo, tape and ribbons. Bind a couple of mandarins with a golden ribbon and finally stick a red printed logo on it ~ Lastly, everyone of us need to deliver it to each branch of lecturer departments as CNY thanksgiving . Fun and interesting. My group also purchase a box of mandarin from senior as an extra few boxes left there. lol. The next day, we send it to our lecturer by each class~ However, some of my friends escape from the event lo !!! XP Name list will be hidden as personal privacy~ The CNY atmosphere is getting hot and we can't wait to go back our hometown ~

HUHU ! HAPPY Chinese New year and Enjoy your Holiday as well !! WIN A LOT OF $$$


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