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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Farewell to Semester 1 , Greeting to Semester 2

Date : 28 December 2011
Venue : unavailable
Purpose : Describe feelings to new open sem
Camera : Sony Xperia Mini Pro, Samsung Digital, Nokia C-3

Too quick to wave hand to Semester 1 ~ 
Have gained various experiences such as sharpening my performance skills, computing skills, writing skills, communication skills and so on .
During sem 1, just feel time passes very slow~ creeps on the floor to unlock the door.
Assignments have become a new phobia to me~
Spend overnight without sleeping and rest, both of my eyes keep on concentrating the Laptop Screen,
Keep typing on the keyboard, edit, copy and paste ( repeating )
work until sunrise, eye bags appeared and whole face is dull, brightness fly away,
try to take a nap but just few minutes, then straight to classes until evening.
FuhhH, seems like doesn't have a good sleep for centuries and almost faint.
Luckily, it just lasts for one month, manages to return my normal student life~

Aha, i prefer individual tasks than group assignments,
waste a lot of time for other members to complete their parts or just giving excuses to not finish and do IT !!!
Furthermore, lack of co-operation and passion is the worst condition for me to complete the assignments,
Why don't start it earlier ??? I don't have many leisure time with it.
Why blame or scold me??? I don't do anything wrongly, not my fault !!!
Why i have to take the rest of the works??? I am done mine one, at least if i am the leader of the group !!!
Why i have to in charge almost all of the presentation parts??? I have already prepare it well all the time and now you call me to stand in front of the LCD screen and present it ??!!! Not FAIR !!!
Why Why Why Why and Why ??? Give me a reason. If you are sick , it's acceptable !!
Dude, i just hate you cheating, fooling, challenging my pride and insult me, my beloved classmates and friends.

*** P:S --> my reviews are not pointing or commenting at anyone, so please be open minded.

Though, there are still a lot of events and activities need to attend - 
not to be missed if you are brave enough to receive warning letter ~
Well, some of them are quite fun and enjoyable but parts of them are foolish and tiring.
Three steps undergo a full sem~
too free --> too busy --> too relax
classes, homeworks, assignments, extra speeches and Uni tasks, quizzes and tests, finals exams and pack all the stuff in hostel to go home.

For the next semester 2, maybe i will be the vice-leader in my class~ Hopefully i can do my job well.

AIMS for next sem :
Save more money compare to last sem
Do not waste on photostat papers
try to be more flexible
choose the best options for co-curriculum
prepare for assignments
enhance bravery
smile always
get trained in leadership
be tougher
be tolerate, endure the hardest condition
be more hardworking
be more active
be healthier
be smarter
never miss or late to class
master in car driving
take a vacation on SOUTH KOREA !!!

I am awaiting for my semester final exam result, sucks , it will be announced on next year -- 2012 !!!
Okay fine, i'll wait !!! God must bless me to get pass in my exam, i don't want to retake for it and don't want to waste all of my efforts to do revision for it   !!!  1st Jan 2012, shake hand to IPDA !


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