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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Tapah Buddies Channel - Night Hang Out =D

Actual Month : October and November, date unknown
Location : Nineteen81 Rest House and Restoran Shamli Bistro, Tapah
Purpose : Chit-Chat, Gossiping and Hang Out 
Camera : Samsung Galaxy S, Sony Xperia Mini Pro
Image Provider : Google Image, Facebook

My Old Buddies for 5 years ++++
HiiiiiiiYA ! Before enter the topic, short introduction for my Frenz : Janice kok, Komala and Nicole Lew

Same secondary school : SMK Hamid Khan,Tapah. 3 of us are 18 and the rest is the eldest , 19. Geeezz. Guess who is it XD

Occupation : Tarc student, Top to Toe make-up trainee, IPG trainee teacher and part-time worker ( will continue study at Singapore ) ~ Various ambition and career.

Interest : Gossiping together and recall the oldies days 

Shamli Bistro - Best Mamak for the Night Cats
This is our 1st choice to waste lonely time, chatting and sit together at night. Beside the restoran, there is a Mini Stadium, clear greenish field, good spot for surfing internet either in a group or alone with free wifi provided and looking tiny marvelous stars and cold wind always breeze at night, Refreshing man !! =) People will use it for organizing Sports days, mini carnival, marching, football competition and so on. A nice Dating place too. How bout the yummy menus there ?? Traditional kampong style fried rice and numerous unique Malay fried rice such as nasi pataya, nasi ayam paprik, and nasi goreng USA. For noodle choices, such as mamak maggi goreng, kuey teow goreng, mee bandung and other tasty + mouthwatering dishes. For information, the restoran will provide the customer self-service food at day time and  Hot Food only available at night . So, better come at night. Hehe. Opps, forget bout the drinks, different fresh fruit juice, instant drink and mamak drinks will be the customers' star choice. Price : affordable and not expensive ( steady ).

So, the four gossipers will get there at night whenever free or during the holidays. We are usually discuss and talk bout secondary school life and our  hometown frenz ( same people, same face and same name. repeat so many times, still very funny and ridiculous ) . Sometimes, we want to play some card game ( gambling type ) perhaps we are not be caught by the police. hohoho. Addicted to gamble when secondary school life but we are still able to self-control so that we try to not involve our pocket money. Rm2 per day, not so much, so need to save it carefully. Our definition for hanging out at night is LEPAKKKKKK !!! We will not stay at there until midnight, we love our parents =)

Tapah Rest House

Alright. Tune to other Spot. Nineteen81 Tapah Rest House - located at high hill side, long journey travelers will spend their night at there ( rooms are provided ). This is another place for gathering. Points of view --- Simple but inspired by local home stylish design with some attractive decoration and displays. Gentle lamp lights inside it will give u an eye therapy that relaxing your tiring eyes, not too bright and not too dim. You can choose to dine at either inner dining room or open area dining garden. All are up to your current mood !!! What delicacy will we find here?? WESTERN FOOD ~~ Chicken chop, lamb chop, beef steak , spaghetti and bla bla bla ... All meat are marinated with many spices, juicy and tender enough and serve with homemade hot sauces.. Delicious, fingerlicking, palatable and spice up your mouth till your head ! If you are a eastern food lover, hot rice menus will be your flavourite selection. Now, dessert and drink : original flavour ice creams, refreshing and cool ice lemon tea, latte, mocha, icy milkshakes and chunky walnut cuppucino will be your delighting mouth washer ! Price - Cheap !! No need to worry about your wallet =P

What will we chat at there : Travelling, up to date gossip and future plan ! Feel like a 40 years old mature guy XD Well, we are busy with taking photo once we meet ~ Sharing some stress, current feeling, what's on our mind....ooooh , relief ! We are not always get together and dinner like a family. So, cherish each moment of us together, laughing, smiling, playing, chatting, sharing...  One thing we haven't done yet, hope we can travel to somewhere together someday =)

Our own QUOTES : Two Head Snake , Rm1 !  ( specially translated from mandarin )

Our channel is up to here, thanks for reading. stay tune for next part ~


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