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Sunday, 4 December 2011

RECALL of My 1ST Mid-Autumn Festival - IPDA 2011

Actual Date : Wednesday, 15 September 2011
Venue : IPDA Big Hall
Purpose : Chinese traditional festival celebration and performances
Camera : Sony Xperia Mini Pro

AGOGO dancers and singers - 70's and 80's Chinese classic performance

My God ! Needed to participate in Mid-Autumn Festival celebration in IPDA even though it was in Extremely BUSY Assignment WEEKS ! IT was my 1st time to join the event with the huge Family to organize  a such massive program. Well, my job was --->>> be a AGOGO dancer with my partners and other comrades. I was the youngest one and the rest were my Seniors >..< OMG... However, my seniors were so kind and nice to me ^^ Appreciated it well. They taught me how to dance, comment about which part was wrongly and shared their experiences.. All of them were having leadership, fun, active, confidence and other good personalities. Also thanked to my senior to find and buy all the gorgeous customs ! One Words to describe : BRAVO ! 

We were willingly sacrificed our precious time to practice and do rehearsal , A bunch of ASSIGNMENTS was Not A Big Deal ! The dance required 15 minutes to perform on the stage ( among the longest performance at that night ). Very enjoying, learning some classic dance, creating new steps by our own, repeat and modified our dance so many times to get the best performance, supported each other... A fantastic experience for me as a junior. I'm Loving it ! Practiced Make Perfect ~ The moment of success our 70's-80's classic performance, i was not feeling exhausted at all, more energetic ! Everything show went well, no any technical problems, every performance did their very own best ! Big Applaud and Claps ~

Never forgot to say again thank you to my Classmates : Safuan, Hazim, Vivian, Joann,Yi Yu, Athirah, Yee Mun, Michelle, Man Joo, Jia Lok, Mee Peng, Candy, Su Hua and So On ^^ who were supporting us on that memorable night show ! Sacrificed their time to finish assignments and came there to be supporter, TOUCHING ! =D Aligato !!!!

After Show ~ Photo Shooting time *******************

took some nice photo 

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