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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Tapah Buddies Channel - Janice's Hilarious Day 2010

Actual Date : 10 November 2010
Venue : My Old House
Purpose : celebrate Janice KYC Birthday
Image Provider : Facebook, Janice Kok

Step into the past,  this was the very 1st birthday celebration held at my house for the big gurl last year. Memorable event with my Tapah frenz. Well, will it be the last celebration at my house? Hope not. Besides simply celebrate her birthday, we also organized a steamboat party that night =D Thanked to our main chef , Ventakle YKK ( umm..unique nickname ) who specialized in cooking, he had prepared a lot of fresh steamboat ingredients, few homemade satay and curry sauces for dipping and two different soup bases for our steamboat that were spicy and another one was original seafood soup. Echoed via my memory, he was our brunch supplier in our secondary school, each morning he needed to wake up early to prepare our brunch  according to our orders such as Chinese Fried Rice, Tomyam Omelettte Rice, Soy Sauced Chicken rice, Fried noodle, Seafood rice and so on... Numerous appetizing food selection for us in school, tasty and will not feel bored with the order and the price is very cheap ! Friendship discount.

There were a lot of changes since last year, everyone had their own route, chasing their dreams, continued their studies, working for family business.... All of them had become more mature and ambitious ! Return to the right topic, skipped my frenz introduction, described about the happiness scenes that night. Hardly remembered that i was chasing with time to go back my hometown from Ipoh ( attending prefect annual dinner ) to join their party on time. Huh !! Late for 40 minutes, they were preparing the party at home and waiting for me. ( looked like it's my birthday =P felt a bit gulity ). Haha.. Later, the party started , ROCKED it everyone ~ All of us sponsored and contributed two huge cake and steamboat dinner for Janice, not enough budget to buy gift. Hehe..Anyway, it was a succession for secondary students to organize such a high expenses party =D Good job.

We sang bufday song together : happy birthday to you ~~~ then, blew off the candles, made wishes and sliced both of the cakes ! Sweet Jesus ! A lot of food and drink ... So full man ! We can't finish them all even though it's too delicious =D After having meals, we played video game and GAMBLE ! Fighting game, racing game and so on.. So fun, everyone was exciting, joyful and enjoy ~ While having some fun, continued to finish off the leftovers on the table, served them who were busy focusing on the video game, chatting or dating XD Haha. Be a temporarily servant and maid ! 

Time passed without twinkling of an eye.. Gonna waved our hands and said good bye for this party ~ We can't purchase time but we can save and store our memories into our minds, replayed every moments at that enough. Contented,be Homed. However, Happy birthday for you ! Kok Yah Chi ! For this year too , 2011. Hehe, thanks for helping me cleaned out the rubbish and dirt after the party XD Perhaps cleaning my house and washing dishes were your bufday present =P Cherish each friendship on us !

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