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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Flashing Time for BNK 1 - Formal Photo Shooting

Actual Date : Sunday, 17 July 2011
Venue : IPDA Library
Purpose : Class Formal Shoot 
Camera : Samsung, Nokia C-3, Sony Xperia Mini Pro

Hooray ! Skipped the  boring class ! Million of claps straight from my mind ! Best event ever for me =P .. This was the 1st time photo shooting with my whole classmates under formal custom - Blazer. We had been informed before to prepare or borrow blazer in order to achieve formal shooting lowest requirement . What feelings were deep buried into my heart? Exciting, blissful, grateful, calm, stress, depress, gloomy, mad or happy???

POKER FACE ************************************** try to guess it

While we were waiting for our turn,  hehe , took out our cameras and mobile phones .... It's snapping time ! Chak Chak Chak ~The Flashing light were brighten up again the whole freezing and deafening atmosphere  in the library. Posing, making fun together, laughing and our joyful voices were all piercing into the silent air shaking the air molecules, earthquake in the air : making noises inside there  XD The sights of librarians focused on us, stared at us...( feeling scare, creepy and uncomfort ??? ) Who cares !!! Haha, just did whatever we liked at least we did not bother others busy handling their businesses there or interrupt other people to study or read . Self-controlled 1st~ LOL

Our homemade Photo Shoot __________________________________ With Photo Effects

The end ******************************

Everything went well during our photo shooting.... However, the saddest thing was we don't the original full size copy of the photo ! =.= Sigh..


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