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Monday, 5 December 2011

Quick Fix Lunch For Lazy People's Recipe - Instant Noodle

Date : 5 December 2011
Venue : Tapah, Perak
Purpose : Prepare Lunch
Camera : Sony Xperia Mini Pro

Holiday life~ Just woke up at 11a.m...still sleepy... Feel lazy to go outside under hot and melting weather to buy a lunch and filled up my stomach~ So, decide to find some leftovers and some ingredients in kitchen to cook my lunch..Lets see what i have found : a pack of original soup flavour instant noodle, some fishcake sticks, an egg ... Done ! Ehem! Can prepare a bowl of hot seafood noodle  =D

Starts cooking*******

Boil up the water, make sure it is 100 degree ! Put the seasoning 1st, then put the dehydrated noodle pack into the boiling water ~

After couple of minutes, the noodle become soft. Stir it for awhile equally ( can make sure the noodle is well cooked and spongy ). Mix the noodle with 4 fishcake sticks .. unfreeze the frozen sticks in a bowl of warm water before u put it in.

If u have vegetables in fridge, add it in ! Cabbage, spinach, potato, parsley and so on =) Give the soup some fresh and crunchy taste ~ 

Lastly, add in an egg because egg is a fast-cooked ingredient. Use a chopstick to stir the steel pot to make sure the egg will not stick at the bottom of it. 

Wait for another minute and it's done ! Serve it with a cup of tea or coffee =) finishing it while it is still hot !


You can prepare different type of instant noodle meals with various ingredients and cooking utensils ( oven ) , just depend on your creativity. You can make pasta, spaghetti, fried noodle and so on. It's fun to cook and prepare by yourself. You always have time to prepare a fast, easy and delicious meal, enjoy the time for cooking ``````

Caution : do not eat too much instant noodle, not a healthy food. Or else, add some ingredients such as vegetables to balance up it nutrition =D 

and do not forget to__________________________

Clean your kitchen after cooking and wash your dishes after lunch ! XD 


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