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Monday, 19 December 2011

IPDA Traditional Game Society - Galah Panjang Part 2

Actual Date : 19 December 2011
Venue : Ipda + Sri Banai Hall
Purpose : G.P Function
Camera : Samsung Digital


Our Day, Our Presentation, Our Competition, Our Function... All of them just a blink in one day. Co-curriculum time ~ Required to wake up before sunrise, getting up everything, preparing tools - to make our Court. A very busy day ever during G.P time. Be ready, serious and focus.

Story line -------------->

After finish preparing the G.P courts ( about 7.45a.m ) , all societies are ordered to assemble at Sri Banai hall under G.P organization~ Lecturers, crews and all sem 1 frenz gather at there. First of all, need to appreciate Safuan, daus and hilmi s' assist to set up all the complicated apparatus and LCD screen ~ Our crews split into few mini groups : presentations, judges and function assistant. After every part of preparation  is settled well, lets begin !!! 

Jia lok, candy, su hua, athirah, hasif and hazim will incharge the multimedia presentation part ~ Need to present powerpoint slide show and short video clip originated from BnK 1 without looking on the screen or peek on little piece of memo~ just memorize all of the scripts and speak orally. Everybody is listening to their presentation quietly and do not make any noise for disturbance, really thanks for their high commitment. Perhaps each moment will be so nice to be like that ~  It is a sunny day and the bright sunlight cause the LCD screen's displaying images blur and not very clear, sigh, but luckily the display still roughly visible on it. ( why it is not a cloudy day ) . Still, we can manage to handle the worst situation~

Need approximately one hour to finish our presentation. Now calling up the participants and leaders to form their teams and get ready for G.P Competition ~ Boys and Gurlz please go to G.P special court ! 

During the competition ________________________

 BnK group A : aisyah, jia lok, yee mun, ati, mieda, jenny and vivian
BnK group B : Micehelle, Su hua , candy, man joo, jo ann, yi yu.

Good job for the societies who win the competition. Will be awarded a hamper for both boy and gurl category. Glad to see everyone enjoy the competition =D

Finally, we have a blast with our biggies ~ Our lecturer praises us, happy indeed ! 

Before to go back, need to clean up the mess =P''



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