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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Luckiness Falling Upon My Side

Date : 28.3.2012
Venue : IPDA
Purpose : Sharing Inner Feeling
Camera : Sony Xperia Mini Pro

Today seems to be a plain day for me,
normally attend to the classes,
Try to pick up some cheap lunch,
and Fighting with my sleepiness..

My roomate isn't here today,
go for vacation,
I'll be single in the room~
Switch on the laptop,
automatically open Facebook and do my routine job,
checking my notifications and stalking people's profile~

yet, yesterday i am dealing with my assignment until 1.30a.m..
feel sleepy, start to yawn.......
Hmm..... how long do i sleep......roughly one hour
that's enough for me to recharge.
It's time to bath, body is so sticky after PJ class.
Knock ! Knock ! Unexpected delivery !
I can see a bag of KFC containing one of my favorite meal
Chicken Famous Rice Bowl

i am not sure whether i have already few month do not taste.
It reminds me something, he is still caring me :')
Remember my favorite fast food ~
It drive me into the past,
puzzling the fragmented memories..
Yet, how long you will stay here,
it's still be an unknown for me,
trying to adapt new environment without you,
i am trying to be more flexible.

I am so lucky
Many of them are concerning me
some are with actions, some of them are not oblivious
I can feel it , recognize each goody you had done to me.
It will be a support for me to continue my life here,though it is not my will.
Be part of my colors in my life, sketching an endless story.

Luckiness always stay beside me,
i can break through any obstacle whenever i am broken down, helpless
Fall down and stand up again, repeating..
Tears Drops, how long it will be released,
it still hold me tight, can't respire.
However, luckiness save me from uncountable times,
there will be a miracle that waiting in front of me to pick it up.
My remedy , it bring me another new hope,
telling me do not give up.

People always said : " i am jealous with you".
Jealousy light up somewhere inside my heart,
as a reminder of that Luckiness is a satirize,
without luckiness, i still have my effort, exchange it with success
within luckiness, i can receive numerous surprises, appear a lot of shortcut to destination.
Luckiness sometimes play hide and seek with,
it will suddenly vanish, 
So, where can i rely on?
I am not always depend on my luckiness,
i have tried my best to reboot too,
demand it, and i will get it with all my way.
So, if luckiness doesn't fall upon my side,
YOU are the ones I NEED 
Getting further between our distance,
but the link never disconnect.

Luckiness Falling Upon My Side,
I will cherish it,
Friendship Falling Upon My Side,
be nice to me and for sure i'll treat you twice far better than what you can't expect.
Once hurt, i need ample of time to recover,
each goodies you send to me, 
it will be a plaster which will cover my wounds,
bit by bit.

Your choice, i have no any comment, but when you require my support, i'll be there 

Luckiness, i love you and yet hate you too
destroy and rebuild my hope once it is fragile.


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