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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Salted Fish, reincarnation??

Date : 3 JUNE 2012
Venue : Hometown
Purpose : sharing

Its's another sem break ~~ Finally i can take a long deep breathe.......fuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!! 
What's kind of the best of celebration that i am freed from the poor curse !!! 
Duty is done but i can't agree that i do it well . Everyone seems none of their business with them.
Time, Freeze, Melt and Evaporate . It almost drive me crazy everyday, nervous with handling the phone calling from Lecturers, be a postman, be a maid , be a not to miss attendant ...........
Another stress stick to my head for a big moment along this semester. Early job will bring me a later bonus.
 HEHE, i think will that JOB will burden me a lot if i delay it. Maybe it is an invisible duty, no one will know how hard you take the job, light or heavy, who knows???!!
Seriously, think twice before you can be a leadership. Not a piece of cake as you just wake up from the morning alarm, change clothe and on to your class . When you need help, respect and followers, this is the time to discover who is willingly to lend his/her hand . I appreciate for those who have support me from behind. A great energy booster for me to continue the duty :) God may Bless YOU !! So, negative views starting to appear in front of me, how i suppose to do ???? Back stab, front stab, deep fry, saute, any thing will be performed ~ Well, just embrace my anger silently, hope it will not explode someday. Do anything as you wish as long as don't overlay on my border line.  If breakdown, tears bring nothing, but disappoint. A big smile for you if you are showing you true colours decorated by various lies. Somehow i want to achieve PEACE______V, hate to fight and quarrel. Your words might be a sharp knife, a poison fang or a tiny needle, watch out, it might be hurt you in return. For me, i'll say ''.........'' or '' it's okay''. For others, i am not sure what will happen. Be careful ya ~  END

Revision time - is killing me. Whenever i open the notes, falls asleep easily.... or else, log onto Facebook and waste few hours there untill i comfort myself : '' still get some time dude.'' Yeah, couple of weeks for 4 subjects... Really adequate of period for me to study.. By the way, i prefer on wasting these time for napping, day dreaming, staring at something and trying to pray for time please pass faster... The long i pray, the slower the time flies!!! Suffering ! Stay inside a small room and facing the papers, really boring. The hot temperature raise my laziness ... Such a poor condition. Instant noodles will replace my hunger along the study weeks. Save $$$$$$$. For my opinion, the exams should be finish in one week or more... ( close my eyes for a decade ) The final test finally break up with me. Means, pack my stuff and go HOME !!

This holiday, will be a half dead salted fish which is waiting for its result. No activity, waste time and be a home guard. Hope this fish can be revive once more time for the next tsunami in order to take part in the impossible challenge~ ALL THE BEST


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