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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Terrifying Mask

Date : 14 JUNE 2012
Venue : a place
Purpose : Sharing

new story begin since last year,
i thought it will be a great adventure,
a fantasy world for me to discover,
This route maybe a little strange for me,
a sort of honour for me to be a leader for the kids
who are going to be educated and continue their studies until graduate,
somehow, i am wonder i have chosen this path,My ambition?? encouragements?? 
Is it simply than others? Maybe.
This route has bring a lot of hopes for me,
Hopes that will decide my future.
These hopes embrace me all the time,
i feel very warmth for the 1st time,
As i breakdown, it enlighten in the darkness again,
rekindle, pulling me up from falling down.
Dependent or independent
i need both =)

i am wearing a mask, just a part of human hide.
Smile, Angry, Sad, Cry, Laugh, emotionless......
Which one is the right one for me?
Too many selection till i wish to throw all of them,
Normally, i should be a positive person 
as long as this career do require this good behaviors.
To be self-control,  
many ways, efforts and hope i have tried to conquer it.
The mask is solid, stable , fix
but it has a few cracks.
I should appreciate that i am a member of GEMINI,
a motion detector,
feel what other people emotions,
 so will they understand the detector too?
i think it is very tough.

to the surroundings,
automatically will cast a protection
where will prevent any intruder to invade our pride.
Once being approaching, people will do anything to protect it. 
War begin and finally will end in unlimited injuries.
These injuries may take whole life to recover,
if there is a correct remedy, not a big problem.

daily tools for communication.
It looks like an untamed animal,
if do not take care of it wisely,
it will bite the victims invisibly.
But, it is a recommended treatment to cheer up each soul,
just be careful.

greatest explorer deep down your heart.
It is not very hard to smile, 
no need any payment to order one people smile.
But can you read the smile that contain an unknown galaxy,
it will be simple or complicate.
a BIG question
However, reply it with a better smile,
it will be okay,
you are not going to lose anything.


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