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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

WORDS - silent killer

Date : 13 JUNE 2012
Venue : unknown
Purpose : sharing

Sometimes, a word deliver uncomfortable feeling for other people.
Even the words are drizzled with different level of sweetness, saltiness, spices..
Listener might taste its bitterness,
being hurt through the deep heart,
bleeding silently and dying.
Speaker might not know what are they spreading the words from their mouth will bring a disaster 
if the sentence is not be filtered.

Sometimes, speaker do not understand well about listeners' current mood and condition
as well as for the listeners too,
speaker in joy, listener in gloomy
listener in anger, speaker in fun
So, u should connect your mouth with your brains first before speak,
listener also require a pair of good ear with filtering function 
so that they will not be mad suddenly whether trying to catch up each emotions carried by the words
Stay calm, digest the words properly, it will be fine.
On the other hand, word as a sharp knife will turn everything into a chaos.

Sometimes, word without the present of seasonings is better than word with various flavor,
as long as listener can feel the original taste of your word,
which the word is originated from your heart and brain.
Kindly be honest to listeners, 
process the words completely with the purest ingredients,
it will be amplified to create a better speech.
A speech can touch and penetrate one's heart .

Indeed, need not a lot of spices, with just the simple ingredients, it's enough to bring one listener travel in your ''WORD''.


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