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Friday, 20 April 2012

Dejavu - Unforgettable Sem Trip ( Part 2 )

Actual Date : 8-11th March 2012
Venue : Taiping, Perak
Purpose : Vacation
Camera : Canon Ixus 130i, Sony Xperia Mini Pro

10th of March 2012 ___

What a lovely morning with a freezing wake up alarm~ Air cooler still do its best to release the coolest gas to fulfill the entire room from preventing it warm. We are still sleepy because it is very comfortable and we try to fit every part of our bodies into the blankets, imagine that we are sitting in front of a big fireplace, trying to rise up temperature in a frozen room. Then, it's very cold and hot, a war between human, blankets and air cooler, and last it become a raw game. Finally, bend up the body, stretching the arms, get a shower~ Stomach is complaining, luckily there are some few packets of HONG PIAH left at yesterday night. Serve it hot with a jug of Nescafe. Hmmmmmm..... starvation is solved ^^ Nice breakfast at all with a good morning starter. Since the sunshine remains in healthy condition, lets get some walks !!!


LALALALLALA~ Reach waterpark !! half an hour from Taiping Golf Resort~ 

Let have some guide tour !

Imagine that you are sitting on a floating chair in the sky, the feet can't contact with the ground, hang in the air, swing randomly, panorama eye views, it's the place to snap some procrastinating pictures. Distance between the floating chair and the floor is soooooooooo HIGH, but i don't have high phobia. hehe.

Approximately 10 minutes we are floating on the chair lift ~ Whao, great experiene to enjoy so unique views~ Next, we head to main water park. We didn't take lot of pictures as my camera either hand phone does not has water resistant. Anyway, we really cherish the blissful time at there as numerous water playground that make us scream loudly piercing through the entire park. Haha. Undoubtedly fun. You gonna have a try with your gang next time. But we have some incident there, lost our locker keys. We are required to pay rm50 for each keys, total in rm20 ...OMG... We spent almost three hours to play hide and seek with the keys..Unfortunately, we can't find it.. However, the god still with us, some of the staffs there barely to collect all of the keys from somewhere~ MIRACLE !!! A deep relief. Won't be so stupid anymore to put it into pocket~ Until 7p.m, we have an ambrosial dinner at TAIPING with Jia Lok's relatives.. Yummy~

At night, it's time to pack our luggage, i do not forget to upload all of the pics on FB . 5 stars service ya :P

11th March of 2012______

Morning kick with a bowl of hot noodle soup~ then we move to bus station and waiting for our bus and have a safe journey to head back to our hometown.  Even though you might have a perfect plan with everything you do, but you will never expect what will happen for the next second even a tiny change may bring an enormous effect on your whole story, stay clam, hold it with your friends, you can pass over the obstacle for sure :) FRIENDS FOREVER~


Stay Tune______


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