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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

JOM KE PENDANG 2011 - Part 2

Venue : Felda Lubuk Merbau Kedah
Date : 19th - 23rd of November 2011
Purpose : Borneo Dance Performance and Program Anak Angkat
Camere : Sony Xperia Mini Pro

SUMMARIZE UP  for 20th - 23rd  = )

Aloha ! It took almost two hours to reach our destination ^^. Felda Lubuk Merbau was focusing on rubber tree plantation and oil palm tree plantation and some vegetables plantation. Main transport was motorcycle and helmet not needed. Buildings and shops were old but considered convenient for the local villagers. The place was still under development and renovation, may take few years or up to 10 years. Hmm, the air was fresh to breathe and unpolluted. Strong Kampong feeling. It did attracted me ! Once been there, we were brought to the Felda Hall and underwent the Program Angkat Anak after lunch ! Okay, description for the hall - spacious, high tech tiny speaker, eco-save wall fan and narrow stage. Ahahaha ! Chairs were delivered from IPDA one , OMG ! In conclusion, hot like hell , keep sweating and waste my packets of tissues =.=  Straight to the point, i was the 1st person who got called out to be the 1st anak angkat, surprised ! i got the number 1 luckiest number in the world =.=lll. Later, i had 3 abang angkat and one foster mother in my new family ^^ well, i was the youngest one ( exciting ! XD ) . Keep day dreaming, unexpected, blurring my sight, speechless and just followed my family backed to my new HOME ! Home Sweet Home !

my HOUSE. Fan is optional. Always stay cool inside it.

MY Family intro ~ Left to the right

Zoul ( abe angah ), Hassan ( abe alang ), Pn.Zainab ( foster mother ), ME ( ucu ), Aziz ( abe along )

3 days story________

4 persons stayed in a big single room, queen size bed, a lot of pillows and blankets and one standing fan =) Harmony, lovely, and unforgettable days ever ! Breakfast - Homemade Nasi Lemak with chicken and anchovies, fried rice, Lunch and Dinner - curry dishes ( not spicy ), fried kampong fish, Desserts - cengkodok ?? and some kuih . For our drink - milo and some tea ~~ scrumptious and delectable !  They praised me - skilled with eating food by hands ^^ MY family treated me nicely and kindly !

Leisure Activities_________

NOON NAP !!!! MY abe-abe like to sleep !! Included me XD hahaha.Three days could sleep up to 5 hours ++ Walked around the village, joined the Felda organized activities,chit chat with family, explore the Felda with bikes, visit elders house ( served us with desserts, drinks and some food, stomach was always full ). Photoshoot  . EAT EAT EAT , that's what we did there. 

Little Memories________ ( Photo Gallery )

Morning Exercise - LAZY@!!!!
Exploring Felda - you need a map or gps or else you may get lost !
keep going !
Am i talented to snap this photo on a moving bike? XD
visiting other elder house - served us the food !
Took some walk~
abang di !!! Bike owner
the bike don't has break -.-
lack of cameraman 
hmmmmmmmmm....doing what
the STYLE !
night show !
couple =P
before to go back ~

$$$$$$$$$ !
like the SMILES ^^

MY VIEW_______________

Put aside the negative views..My abe2 said me that i was shy and looked dislike staying there >..< Actually, i am a talkative one and i love this place and the new family sooooo much. I was just don't know how to express my inner feeling. Hehe. I ENJOYED IT !!!!!! Days were short, but enough for me to snap down every sweet moment. Next year, if available and perhaps free, i will visit Felda again. Gorgeous place, hospitality people and captivating scenery ! Feel like stepping into old good times, flashbacking the hidden memories when be a small kid. =D Wonderful Journey

To Be Continue... 


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very nice 1.
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Lawrence Chickenbiscuit said...

thx! just created by yesterday, spent whole day to edit it ^^ haha. ok. i can help u ~~ hehe

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so nice...=)

Lawrence Chickenbiscuit said...

thanks bro ^^ will try to make it more interesting

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