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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Simply for BNK1, chapter 1 =D

Venue : IPGM Kampus Darulaman
Actual Date : 20th Jun - 17th November 2011
Class : Bimbingan dan Kaunseling 1 ( BNK 1)
Semester : PPISMP- SEM 1
Batch : 1st and 2nd
Camera : Sony Xperia Mini Pro

Story begin : 20/jun/2011 - 12.00a.m

 KK - rafizy , PKK - nurhati, Treasurer - su hua

 Simply introduction for my 1st sem and say goodbye to our lovely 1st semester !Meet numerous new frenz and buddy ! Proketa ! Proud to said that i was lucky to continue my study life and future career in IPDA. Many activities and events we had organized together ( though we were going through all the obstacles thick and thin, nothing is impossible ) Example???? Galah Panjang, assignments , dancing, homework , 'rock headed' lecturers , exams , story telling and so on.. Thumbs up ! The most challenging task was gymnastic performance. Crazy + nut .Practiced for months but was liked ages. Acted like an professional athlete, roll back and front, jump high , bending, and we made a pyramid ~ missing the gymnastic song, nice to be heard ( popping, classical and rock it ) XD always replay our videos, really not boring -.-lll Unfortunately, only recorded a part of my group performance ...ARGHH !!! Bang the head onto the wall !

 BK group 1 member : daus, hilmi, hazim, me, man joo, michelle, candy, ati, aisyah, jenny and midun !

BK group 2 member : athirah, jia lok, fizy, hasif, safuan, yee mun, su hua, yi yu, mee peng, vivian and jo ann !

Besides, we celebrate each classmate in the class,late or early, never miss it . Sing different kinds of birthday song- Malays, English, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese and Arabic. Huahuahua! Pity for the people who born on the previous 6 months. Jan, Feb, Mar, April, May and June >..<  lol wait for next semester ! ---> hazim, man joo, jenny, athirah, yee mun, aisyah, daus, hilmi, vivian <---- JEALOUS with you guys :'( . Present oh present ~ and secret recipe cakes ~ yummy . ( high expenses and STRESS ) NVM, happy go lucky !

The 1st Chocolate Banana cake we shared ! 100% originated from SECRET RECIPE ! ^^V

Many thing i tends to share but it is too many ! Yeap, will share more details for next semester. Thats all for my SEM 1 . Will not miss it so much =P nightmares are more than sweet memories. Next chapter coming soon =D.


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