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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

OMG Event at KFC Jitra

Actual date : Friday, 17 September 2011
Participant : michelle, man joo, candy, lawrence
Location : KFC Jitra, Kedah
Time : Morning
Purpose : Breakfast, Shopping and Photo shoot
Camera : Sony Xperia Mini Pro

Kfc participants XD
Story Line ******************************

Hooi !!! No class on FRIDAY !!! Purposely woke up at 7a.m and as usual we were going to breakfast at Yawata nearby.. After breakfast we decided to buy some snacks, biscuits, cooking ingredients and bla bla bla . When we reached Yawata, "silent............"  , the door did not open yet and couldn't see anyone there @.@lll  Looked at our watch, 9a.m !!! It indicated  2 hours more to wait there until the shopping complex is opened ! So, want to wait there or not???!!! Stupid won't do that =P  

We walked around and finally found a best place for us to waste time ----> KFC !!! The OMG Events begun _____________>>>

Yet, we started to feel hungry. But we won't spent even one cent. ( we are not miser, we just love $$$ ) So, when we were looking those potraits...We should EAT 'EM ALL !!!

SAY Hello to Mr.KFC
Fuhhhh ! Stomach was sooo full. Said thank you with Mr.KFC ~ 

We Were always be updated !
The styles we watched the newspaper ~

Emo-ING ~
 We started to feel boring and thirsty =(....... So.......

Wait what??? Order !!
Just bought one cup of hot coffee and we shared it ! XD

hmm??? what now?
Oww...hungry...wanted to order some food...but no way....did have money also be rejected !

The girls started to dislike each other ??????!!!!!!

Peace !
Ding dong !!! Times up !! 11a.m now. Stopped playing XD and went to Yawata for shopping !! FUNNY and we are ACTOR and ACTRESS !!! SEE YA~  

           CANDY                LAWRENCE                MICHELLE                MAN JOO

The end******************************************************


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